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Beach Chick Photos
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Beach Chic


The varied colors of water that ebbs and flows. The smooth sand that gathers between your toes. The bright pink of a sun setting to end another day. Beach Chic reflects the colors of the beaches we love.

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Peace Love Photos

Peace + Love


Who doesn’t need a little peace + love in their life? This bracelet is a vibrant celebration of colors that bring both happiness and tranquility, and remind us of a simpler time. A good reminder that peace + love can always make the world a better place.

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Peace Love Product Image
Dream Catcher Photos
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If you caught a dream, what color would it be? We think dreams would appear in soft and soothing colors like peach and lavender. Rest assured that the calming pastels of this bracelet kit will reflect only the kindest and gentlest of dreams.

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iris artisans The bracelets in these kits are woven by the artisans of Chamula, a Mayan tribe in Chiapas, Mexico. Each purchase helps support the artisans’ families, communities, and their creative voice.

seiba Seiba has formed partnerships with the artisans of Chiapas in order to share their stories and create connections with the greater world community.

pretty twisted products

Difficulty Level


Intermediate (2-3 hours)

Each Includes

  • 1 completed bracelet
  • 6 bobbins of Iris #2 nylon thread
  • Buttons, beads, charms & keyring
  • Step-by-step instructions

Each Makes

  • 2 Bracelets or anklets
  • 1 double-wrap bracelet
  • 1 bracelet + 1 keyring
  • 1 necklace or headband

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